Alyssah Ali Editorial for Elle Sweden, March 2009

Model: Alyssah Ali (IMG)
Editorial: Chic Arabic
Magazine: Elle Sweden, March 2009
Photographer: Carl Bengtsson
Stylist: Jenny Fredriksson

Source: & FashinKid @ tFs

Alyssah Ali Editorial for (US) Marie Claire, May 2009

Introducing Alyssah Ali, a new girl in IMG's Development Division. Alyssah is Canadian of Indian and Spanish descent.

Model: Alyssah Ali (IMG)
Editorial: Shore Thing
Magazine: US Marie Claire, May 2009
Photographer: Anne Menke
Fashion Editor: Zanna Roberts

Source: MissMagAddict @ tFs

Eugenia Mandzhieva Magazine Cover for (UK) Issue One Magazine #5, Spring 2009

Model: Eugenia Mandzhieva (Trump)
Editorial: Last Train Home
Magazine: Issue One Magazine #5, Spring 2009
Photographer: Norman Watson
Fashion Editor: Paulus


Shirley Gao, Emma Pei, Liu Dan, Danni Li & Shu Pei Editorial for (UK) Wallpaper*, June 2009

I'm amazed (and amused) with this photo from Wallpaper* because the photo received minimal or no Photoshop touch-up at all. This is so rare in fashion nowadays.
[Click on the image to see the large format.]

Models: Shirley Gao, Emma Pei (IMG), Liu Dan (MC2), Danni Li (Elite) & Shu Pei (Next)
Editorial: Front Line
Magazine: UK Wallpaper*, June 2009
Photographer: Mei Yuan Gui
Fashion Stylist: Ursula Geisselmann


Emma Pei Editorial for (UK) Wallpaper*, June 2009

Model: Emma Pei (IMG)
Editorial: China Doll
Magazine: (UK) Wallpaper*, June 2009
Photographer: Mei Yuan Gui


Monikangana Dutta Editorial for (UK) Tank Magazine, Spring 2009

Model: Monikangana Dutta (IMG-Paris)
Editorial: Black As The Sun
Magazine: (UK) Tank Magazine, Volume 5 Issue 7 (Spring 2009)
Photographer: Tarun Khiwal
Fashion Editor: Chloe Kerman
Stylist: Nikhil M
Makeup & Hair: Niamh Kavanaugh


Gwen Lu Editorial for Flaunt Magazine #103, July 2009

Model: Gwen Lu (Elite)
Editorial: Opulence
Magazine: Flaunt Magazine #103, July 2009
Photographer: Indira Cesarine
Makeup: Jun Funahashi
Hair: Menelaos Alevras


Shu Pei Ad Campaign for Fekkai Salon Color, August 2008

Model: Shu Pei (NEXT)
Ad Campaign/Product Package: Fekkai Salon Color 3N, Fall 2008
Photographer: Unknown


Hyoni Kang Editorial for V Magazine #54, Fall 2008

To cap off Hyoni Kang week on Asian Models Blog, here is her editorial for V Magazine #54 from Fall 2008.

Model: Hyoni Kang (Ford)
Editorial: The Real Thing
Magazine: V Magazine #54, Fall 2008
Photographer: Benjamin Lennox
Stylist: Jay Massacret
Makeup: Sil Bruinsma
Hair: Holli Smith

Source: V Magazine

Hyoni Kang Editorial for (US) Harper's Bazaar, September 2008

Model: Hyoni Kang (Ford)
Editorial: United We Stand
Magazine: US Harper's Bazaar, September 2008
Photographer: Oliviero Toscani

Source: OlivaRose @ Flickr

Hyoni Kang Editorial for (US) Teen Vogue, September 2008

Model: Hyoni Kang (Ford)
Editorial: Legends of the Fall
Magazine: (US) Teen Vogue, September 2008
Photographer: Thomas Schenk
Fashion Editor: Heathermary Jackson

Source: Thomas Schenk Photography

Hyoni Kang Editorial for (US) Teen Vogue, August 2008

Model: Hyoni Kang (Ford)
Editorial: Study Haul
Magazine: (US) Teen Vogue, August 2008
Photographer: Tom Allen
Stylist: Aya T. Kanai

Source: Luxx @ tFs

Devon Aoki Editorial for (UK) i-D Magazine, June 2009

Model: Devon Aoki (1Model)
Editorial: 100 Iconic LA Women
Magazine: i-D Magazine, June 2009
Photographer: Katy Jones

Source: & tFs

Du Juan & Emma Pei Editorial for (China) L'Officiel, February 2009

Last week I posted the editorial with Emma Pei only. Someone left a comment that Du Juan was in the editorial too so here is the set with Du Juan and Emma Pei. I think they are wearing the Spring 2009 Couture collection.

Model: Du Juan (IMG) & Emma Pei (IMG)
Editorial: Unknown
Magazine: L'Officiel China, February 2009
Photographer: Feng Hai

Source: paradisenotforme @ tFs

Simon Tham Editorial for Four Seasons Magazine, May 2009

Model: Simon Tham (Major)
Editorial: Bachelors Club
Magazine: Four Seasons Magazine, May 2009
Photographer: John Huba

Source: Major Model Blog

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